Outdoor Fitness Camps for Women only                     Starts Monday, April 22 - June 7th.  3 week camp of full body strength and mobility, one week off to focus on your nutrition, then 3 weeks of Higher Intensity, full body strength and Yoga.

Camps are held Monday, Wednesday and Fridays 
 5:30 - 6:30am  
Outdoor workouts at various locations around the
 beaches area
Indoor space available for days that drop below 
50 degrees or it rains!!



     So many things have changed since we started in December. 
First my shape, I have gone down one size in pants and my shirts are not so stretched across my bust!  I have lost a solid 5lbs. With the most of my day spent sitting, my legs and stomach were taking on a different shape, now my legs don’t flatten out when I sit and my stomach is tighter and my posture straighter. I also have much better flexibility, I am still not touching my toes, but I will keep striving!  I can see the toning happening, I like that better than the jiggling. 
Second my eating, my diet was pretty clean to begin with, so I thought.  With Kaley's help and our food discussions within the group,  I have been able to remove items that were  causing inflammation and open my mind up to some new combos that are quite delicious.  I love food! 
Third my overall health, with Hashimoto, so many things can cause it to flare up - stress, food, overdoing an activity, hydration.....etc. Today I have a better handle on that. Stress is less, because I burn it out at 5:30am, I don’t carry the crap and let it keep building up within me.  On the weekends I strive to find physical activity, I used to spend my weekends recouping from the week.  My down days are 1-2 a month now, before it would be 8-10 a month. Major improvement!  With my lack of exercise and genetics, I have high cholesterol, prediabetic and Heart disease.  I have to take a statin for my cholesterol (which I should have started years ago, but opted not to, bad idea) but today I will get the results from some blood work and I will see (in numbers) the results of all the efforts since December.

Thank you for being who you are!  I have worked out with other trainers and on my own, I prefer to do it with a group (friendly and accountability) and have always enjoyed being with you. Your knowledge, how your always striving to change things up, your bubbly personality, you have a touch that works for me and obviously several others. 

Sunrise Workout

Jacksonville Beach

Island Foxes

If you are ready for an amazing change; come check out Island Fox Fitness!! Full body, mind and happiness await YOU!

Jill Sheppard


Beauty is being the best possible version of yourself on the inside and out :-) 


Stronger, Better, Beautiful! 

Find your Inner Fox

Utilizing our beautiful Jacksonville Beaches outdoor areas and natural terrain, Island Fox clients get strong, build their endurance and make lasting relationships.  We use dumbbells, bands, stability balls, BOSU balls and more to help you become the strong woman you are!  There is so much power in the journey of fitness, then sprinkle in a group of women and the possibilities are endless!



Fitness has been my passion for over 30 years and helping others through fitness has been an incredible journey. A journey that has brought me back to Jacksonville Beach.  I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Education, Commercial Fitness, American Council on Exercise Certified, along with numerous fitness certifications in Strength & Conditioning, 200 HR Yoga, Nutrition/Sports Nutrition, and many more.  I love being outside, kayaking, Paddle boarding, hiking, running, biking!  Keeping fit is the key to enjoying life to the fullest and well into our older years!  Come give Island Fox a try, I think you'll love it!!

Mission Statement

Helping women find their Inner Fox through the power of Fitness.  Island Fox Fitness is all about helping women create a healthy, happy self by getting their fit self back, or started, without judgement or intimidation.  

We all have to start somewhere. Come start under the stars!

3x Per Week

  • 6 week Camp
  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday 
  • 5:30 - 6:30am 
  • Outdoor sessions
  • Strength/Cardio/Balance/Flexibility
  • * Message through Facebook or text for more details

  Start Your NEW YEAR off              HEALTHY & FIT!          

    6 Week Fitness Camp begins Monday, April 22 and goes through June 7th.  We are dividing the 6 weeks into 3 weeks of 3 weeks of full body strength/mobility training, one week off to work on nutrition, then 3 weeks Higher intensity full body strength and Yoga.

Fitness levels vary so the Fox workouts will be geared specifically to your level.  Full body workouts that tone, burn and give you the energy you need to conquer your days and relieve stress!!  
5:30am - 6:30am 
Outdoor Neptune Beach and Jax Beach Parks and Ocean Front areas

Find Your Inner Fox 

Jacksonville Beach, FL